March is Household Inventory Month

Many people purchase homeowners or renter’s insurance and believe they are covered if theft, fire or flood occurs.  However, inorder to submit a claim to an insurance company you will need to provide an accurate Household Inventory list.  With the days of digital cameras and smart phones this makes the process so much easier than in years past.  Here are the steps you need to take inorder to make sure you can maximize your insurance claim.

1) First go room by room, taking either video or digital camera shots of the entire room.  Next take shots of individuals items of values (computers, tv’s, dvd players, printers, guitars, jewlery, bikes ,etc.).  Remember to open up drawers and closets, ensuring that you record everything you have.

2) After each room, write down the names of all major items first, then smaller items (record model numbers and/or receipts)  This process will take the longest, but is essential to show proof of ownership when requested.

3) After you have finished with the entire house, make a backup copy of your electronic pictures/video and your written list (including receipts).  Place these in a fireproof safe, safe-deposit box or other secure location off-site

4) Rember to update your list whenever you have new major purchases, this way you are always up-to-date.  Then on an annual basis review your entire list for items removed or missing.

For a downloadable inventory checklist visit AAA.com

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